CloneDVD v. 2543 backup problem winth Resident evil2 U.S.A



When i try to backup my dvd Resident evil Apocalypse i got this masage
The dvd is region 1 full and widescreen in the same dvd

i have tried several times, and happend the same.



Yes, I know about this problem. It will take a while until I receive my disc to check (Resident evil Apocalypse hasn’t even been released officially in the US yet).


So is this a CloneDVD problem or a certain protection problem ?


The disc is protected by some kind of “additional” protection like Sony Arccos, but I am not sure, if the error displayed by CloneDVD is caused by the protection or because of a mastering error.
Sometimes the publishers “destroy” discs unintentionally… :Z
But I don’t know until I have the chance to look at this disc myself.


I hope you will get this dvd soon and I hope it is a mastering error and not another “crap” protection like ARccOS which causes problems on some players…


Maybe I didn’t make myself clear: I have already received the .ifo files from this disc from some customers, and it IS protected by some “arccos” type thing. No doubt about it.
But I am not sure, if the CloneDVD Error “DVDManager 5 4 …” is caused “intentionally” by the copy protection, or if they simply made a mistake while implementing their protection.


Ahh, well, now I got it. Monty Burns is an old man, you know and sometimes has problems to understand people :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Nevertheless, an interesting topic, which I will observe…

And without getting on your nerves Olli :slight_smile:
Is this a thingy which one can’t get rid of with latest AnyDVD ( ?


Also the movie “Little Black Book” made by the same company is doing the same thing as "Resident evil Apocalypse "


Thankyou Olli and all the people that answer the post.

I will wait.

And i know the dvd is not released officially in the US yet but ihave some coneccions to get the dvdmovies a week earlier.

Thanx again.

:bow: :bow:


thank god i found this site ive been playing with it as well i have been using older versions of any and clone dvd so i updated tonight and still after no luck i started searching and found you guys what a sigh of releif to find others as well and yes its nice to have connections to get releases early


Wow, where do you get “Little Black Book”? From Website:
“This item will be released on January 4, 2005.”


I’ve managed to rip Resident Evil: Apocalypse Region 1 US with the software Super DVD Copy v.2. Now i have to compress it with DVDshrink. It took me some time but now is perfect. Many thanks to kindanew2it for the software sugestion


ok i am scannning through my back up as we speak i used super copy dvd ripped the menu / and the widescreen portion to get to 3.68 gig on the hd this is with any dvd off then i used dvd clone and copied using ifo files with any dvd on
just scanned to ending credits looks good
when i ripped
for widescreen in the title / split screen i used 1,2,and 7 7 i believe is the menu which should be 3.68 or so ripped to hd then the rest as posted if someone wants to post results i would guess title 5 is full (same hours) and 4 would be directors commentary
but thanks for this great site im glad i found it!!!


I plead the 5th amendment, on ground that I may INCRIMINATE MYSELF…




Hello, a newcomer here, I live in Taiwan and has been encrypting Chinese caption into the Region 1 DVD movies for years. The Resident Evil II is for sure a new encumbrance to me.

I think the problem is in Cell 8 of Chapter 1. I do make a copy by unckecking the Cell 8 of Chapter 1. But I can’t put the Chinese caption into the movie, the M2V and AC3 files can’t match up each other. I can’t help but giving it up.


i got that same error as makabra an i tried to copy it with super dvd copy 2.0 and it was able to do it… it took 44minutes to do a 1:1 copy and then i used clonedvd and anydvd and was able to do a dvd-5 i just finished copying it and will try it in my philips dvd player i´ll post again in a few minutes to give you the results…

im pretty sure that clonedvd will come up with a solution for this in the next version i actually don´t know what the issue is excatly but either the arccos copy right techonology or a really bad bad mastered dvd… anyway ill be back…

“matanga dijo la changa”


im back again…

here´s the story… the last post i made few minutes ago… i indicated that i made a dvd-5 copy with clonedvd and any dvd but… when i tried to copy it with clonedvd as a dvd-5 it errored out… so i did it with nero and i just tried the copies and both worked windescreen and fullscreen.

remember i used super dvd copy 2.0 (that i havent heard from before) that i got from a thread in here…

good luck…!!!

“matanga dijo la changa”


thanx marcheloni i’ll look for super dvd copy.



Saw this post and the person says he had no problem copyong Resident Evil 2 with Clone DVD/AnyDVD with region 1. Wonder why it worked for him and not others.
I haven’t tried, not fortunate enough to get the disk yet.