Clonedvd updated to

As the title says clonedvd has been updated to

  • Fix: dvd+R dual layer writing failed with some dvd writer models (e.g., Sony DRU-820a)
  • Change: ElbyCDIO updated again to increase compatability with broken SCSI or ide drivers (Intel aplication acceleration driver 1.x, CeQuadrat Virtual CDROM, …)
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages

Thanks No.1 Gangster

i look forward to the day when I’m the first to wake up and check my email or load up the program to find an update and post it on here.

i was close today haha

thanks for the heads up!

I´m getting emails from slysoft each time, but it seems I´m belonging to those at the rear of the line :a

Email is unreliable. Automatic update check is not.

haha shhh. don’t give them the advantage.

we’re all going to end up fighting over who gets to be first to announce updates haha.

download link

Don´t like this automatic update stuff :iagree:
And I leave you guys the advantage of testing this new version before I download it :bigsmile:

CloneDVD (AnyDVD, CloneCD) will never update itself automatically. It will only inform you.

Oooh yes, thats different. Maybe I should learn to read so that I may understand the manuals :o :bigsmile:
Argg this is maybe more laziness :rolleyes:

ok, for more competition, the next person to announce an update, gets a cookie!

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thats maybe your opnion :wink:

Last Update

Aug 1,2005

DVD xxxxx Pro V3.0 released.

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this is also a clonedvd2 forum, please don’t spam all the threads :cop:


That guy made 14 posts the last 24 hours and all of them with the same text :doh:

i reported like 5 of them last night with the little “!” button but I’m not sure that really does anything…

what a pain.

any mods on we can PM and annoy until they boot this guy?

haha i spoke too soon. it was being fixed as i posted.

to whomever eradicated that dude…THANK YOU

User has been banned and his posts have been deleted. [U]It is easy to remove all posts of a banned user but this does not hold for the posts quoting them[/U]. I’ll ask an admin to remove the quoted entries (as a general rule, [B]it’s better not to quote spam posts, expecially with spam links[/B] but report them with the “bad post button” or PM to some currently online mod :wink: :cop: ).

Of course I’m not referring to you, [I]reasonsnotrules[/I]. :slight_smile: