CloneDVD Unable to Read "Departed" Video Files

Unsuccessful attempt of DVD back up, “The Departed” © 2006, error message:

"Unable to read video files from


E:/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO: unable to open file

The devide is not ready. Please be sure that all required files are available and try again."

• AnyDVD
• CloneDVD
• XP Pro SP2

What up, doe?? :confused:

Same errors resulting w/ “The Quiet” & “Running With Scissors”.

• DVD-Cloner IV was able to read & create DVD files, but unable to burn them
• CloneDVD2 was able to burn the files created by DVD-Cloner IV

I’d rather only use AnyDVD & CloneDVD2.

Any idea what the CloneDVD2 error message really means?

could be your burner had same unit from lite on same problem replaced with another brand and no more problems. heard lite on having many issues with this new drive.

@ brucekrymow,

Perhaps it would be helpful if you reviewed the CD Freaks AnyDVD Forum posting titled “AnyDVD not compatible with LiteOn 20A1H?” (

Best Regards,

Hi, Bjkg ~

There is no problem w/ AnyDVD…the problem is w/ CloneDVD2.

No problems here with Departed using LH-20A1P KL05

So, rolling, are you implying I should change optical drives from LH-20A1[B][I]H[/I][/B] to the LH-20A1[B][I]P[/I][/B]??

Nope. Just stating i had no problems here with similar drive. Seems a lot of people are having problem with the drive you have. I think James from Slysoft might be getting one to see what’s up but i said might.

OK, formula seems to include a combination of this particular Lite-On optical drive + AnyDVD + CloneDVD2.

I have been able to back up all 3 DVDs successfully using this Lite-On drive if I use these programs in this order:

• Open AnyDVD to systray
• Open DVD-Cloner IV to create DVD5 files at local root HD
• Cancel DVD-Cloner IV at burn process step & do not delete files
• Open CloneDVD2 to copy DVD5 files to Sony DVD-R media
• Confirmed successful copy on workstation & tabletop DVD player
•[I] Boo-yah![/I] :smiley:

Well, I have to take that all back.

After actually getting cozy on the couch w/ popcorn & soda trying to watch both movies, I found that CloneDVD2 stopped burning & finalized both DVDs at chapter 15.

[I]Hmmmm…[/I] Back to the lab.

Plase let me know how you make out, cause I had no problems with either of those title with CloneDVD2 and the newest AnyDVD

I had to go back to DVD43 + 1Click DVD Copy Pro to get the job done.

Curious, though:

  1. Are you using the same Lite-On Lightscribe burner as I?

  2. Where did you obtain The AnyDVD website only has available. :confused:

Here it is just for you. I use the same drive:

Thanks, Alan!! :clap:

Looks like you are using the [B][I]LH-18A1P[/I][/B] - I’m using the [B][I]LH-20A1H[/I][/B].

I’ve some other media to back up - I’ll let you know how goes it.

I crossflashed it to the LH20A1P.

Im still having problems with backing up the departed and catch a fire. Can someone guide me through what I could do for this and I have anydvd along with css+region free (?) and Dvdfab rip it for me and Vobblanker all installed on my system. Maybe that may be the problem…

I went back to trying the AnyDVD + CloneDVD2 combo:

• AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 worked
• AnyDVD & did not, both citing an error message that it was unable to find a DVD drive. Rolling back to version was met with success!

Good detective work, but I still do not understand why it works for some and others, maybe a configuration problem, glad you got it sorted.:clap:

I confer.

I did, however, notice a “…repairing DVD structure…” automated during the process on both DVDs that was not present previously.

bAckingup other media the last two days has worked flawlessly since. I will avoid “upgrade fever” unless actually required. :bigsmile: