Clonedvd Trick to get dvd dolby digital mono to dolby 5.1

this will take your two track mono dvd and make it 6 track dolby digital. now it will not create stereo but it will at least put most of the sound through the center speaker (ie dialog) and seems to give better bass trough the subwolfer.

test dvd was Thunderball which is dolby digital mono (as are most of the James Bond movies before Timothy Dalton):Z

first you use a decrypter program (i used dvdshrink) to rip and author the title…i reauthor so i dont get compression but you can still compress.

then you burn the title to a dvdrw without encryption (clonedvd).

then you copy the title using clonedvd it will now work because you dont have encryption.

vola…you now have a mixed up version of 5.1 sound. (it will still be mono but as i said before it will sound better).

this probably can also be done with one step using anydvd (havent tried), but i always like to use dvdshrink to reauthor or compress.

I dont believe you will lose quality as far as i could tell i did not notice any loss but you may if you use compression on the copy not sure.