CloneDVD, tidy only



I agree with a comment made elsewhere on this forum:

“CloneDVD should stay a “just a few clicks and you´re done” thing, in my opinion. A better engine and the removal of the layer-break and an added “AUDIO_TS”-folder for compatibility is enough”

Been trying this program and love it for it’s simplicity and I get what I want.

My preferencence is for Movie only, but with ‘Preserved Menus’, so that forced subtitles work correctly and with the added nicety of chapter selection from the menu. CloneDVD is the only program I’ve tried recently, that does this easily and quickly, the added way, rather than full and then disabling the bits you don’t want.
Would like a stream size reference though. But as it is, I’ve got to say that I’m getting what I want, easily, quickly and with good solid burns on both Pioneer -R/RW and Ricoh +R/RW and plays on all my 3 different standalones.


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: