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i just want to ask a questions regarding the speed of cloneDVD? i’ve been backing up my dvd for the last few days but it seems that the average completion is 1hr 30mins. will it really take that long?

i put my source dvd to my dvd-rom (secondary slave) which reads 6x then the destination to my lite-on 811s (HSOP) (secondary master) both of them under ulra dma mode. i have an XP Pro with SP1, P3 600Mhz, 384Mb RAM, 30Gb HD. are my specs the reason why it takes so long to back-up any dvd? is there a way to make it a little bit faster?



the experienced processing time with your platform seems quite reasonable. With a P3 at 600 MHz it is very likely that the
biggest part of the overall processing time is needed to compress the video material. Unfortunately there is not very much
which can be done to accelerate this process. (Nevertheless we are always keeping an eye (or two ;)) on the runtime of

The runtime of the compression process is correlated to the indication of the quality bar: it decreases with rising quality.
At 100% quality no compression takes place at all.

So the only - and unfortunately in most cases hardly applicable - way to reduce the runtime of CloneDVD is to maximize
the quality for every backup.

Yeah I was running the same process with a K6III+600.
Those times sound reasonable for that rig.
Moving to my current XP2500+ system reduced the rip and transcode process to between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the length of the movie.
Happy days . . .


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At 100% quality no compression takes place at all.

No transcoding, speed 4x :

Testing media for read errors :