cloneDvd "source data too large error

Hello, I am very new to this! I just downloaded Anydvd and Clonedvd. I have Anydvd on active status. Here is my problem. I am trying to burn a backup copy of THE CONCERT FOR NEW YORK, which is 2hr 28mins long. Now from what I understand this software is suspose to compress the dvd to fit on one dvd-r. I get to the last screen I insert a dvd-r (using Maxell 4.7GB) and get the “oh no” source data too large screen. Am I doing something wrong? It has happened before with a couple titles, but when I go back to the start screen and instead of the clone Dvd option, I use the copy dvd titles option and that worked. But not with this title, Please help! I also tried using Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x 8.5GB 204 minutes, but my machine didn’t seem to able to read it. The software kept asking me for recordable media. I’m using a DVDRW IDE 1008. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong. I’m a total novice! Thanks! :confused: :confused: :confused:

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On the CloneDVD2 v29.0.1 “Title Configuration” page what is “Target Size” you have selected?

Also ensure that you have the latest current up to date Firmware installed on your DVDRW IDE 1008 DVD Burner.


Checking to see if I have the lastest firmware installed. On “Title Configuration” page where is the “Target size?" Are you talking when I use the clonedvd or the clone titles option. Sorry, but like I said I’m a total novice! LOL! Just started to use the the software, until I tried to make a back of the concert it was working great.

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In CloneDVD2 v2.9.0.1 both the “Copy DVD Titles” and “Clone DVD” options “Title Configuration” page offers you the option of selecting one of the below “Target Size” ->


It is important to select the correct “Target Size” to coincide with the size of the blank DVD Media you are inserting in your DVD Burner. Failure to do so will result in the Source Data Error notification.

Suggest referring to the CloneDVD User Manual, which is available by clicking on the “HELP” icon located in the top right hand corner of CloneDVD2. Also suggest reviewing the AnyDVD–CloneDVD User Tutorial ->


I had been leaving on dvd-5, but then switch to the dvd-rl when I when I bought the bigger dvd’s hoping that would solve the problem. By the way, thanks so much for the help!

I am having the same issue. I have 2 DVD-DL burners and have experienced the same issue, “source data too large” when trying to burn to DL disks.

Most of the time I use DVD+R but in order to preserve quailty I once in a while use the DL. I have not been able to successfully use DL for some time now. As I am aware my firmware is up to date and has been tested with DL data burns.

I have tried using the DL as well as the custom (8500) settings and neither seem to make a diffience. I am currently using Memorex DVD+R DL disks.

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Memorex CMC Magnetics Taiwan media is notorious for being absolute garbage media especially the DL media. Knowledgeable informed Members avoid Memorex CMC Magnetics Taiwan media.

At this time and date Verbatim MKM001/MKM003 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media is the only DL Media that consistently provides quality error free results.

Suggest obtaining Verbatim MKM001/MKM003 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media and your “Source Data Too Large” error notification should be corrected.