CloneDVD slowed down on me!

I have been using AnyDVD and CloneDVD for about a year and haven’t had any problems. After a recent update I noticed that my CloneDVD takes more time to backup DVDs. Has anyone else had this problem. It seems to take twice as long. I have another DVD burning program that has not slowed down at all. It is the NERO Recode dvd software.

My DVD writer is a BENQ DVD DD DW1620

I use Memorex DVD+R 16x DVDs. (this is the same kind I have always used.)

Any suggestions?

I have not notice that but in most cases I just start it and let it run while I am doing other things so I do not really time it.

manoplex1 -

Maybe the below Forum posting might be helpful.


Thank you. I noticed that after I posted this thread. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but I bet that is what’s wrong. I usually have that turned off but I bet it somehow got turned back on in an update.

Thanks again.


I have been using AnyCD and DVD Clone for some years as well, and I have noticed the same problem. Since recent update, my reading time has drastically gone from under 30mins to up to 90 mins. My write time does not seem to be affected. It is interesting that I too have a Benq DVD burner model DW1625. As for the tip to shut off the animation. I have been running the animation for years and it has never slowed me down. When I disabled it, it did not make a difference. I wonder if it has anything to do with the recent updates and Benq burners???

Wow, I answered my own question. I went ahead and uninstalled most recent update for Clone DVD and reinstalled an older version. My speed is completely back to normal now. It must be something with the newer update and some DVD burners like mine which is a Benq. My burner has lightscribe ability if that is a factor in anyway. I hope the fix the issure in future updates. Is there an official way to make them aware of the problem or is posting here sufficient enough?

i dont think it would harm them if you sent an email to slysoft informing them of the problem you had and how you fixed it, just so they could look into it