CloneDVD Silent Install

I’m working on an unattended XP dvd that automatically installs windows and any programs you specify without any user interaction. I am able to get the latest CloneDVD( to install silently, but at the end, it still asks for a reboot. I want to bypass this question completely so that I can finish my CD. Anyways, does anybody know what switches I need in order to install this program completely silent? Here is a link to the site that I’m working off:

Definitely checkout the forums for tons more information. Anyways, great thing to have if you format often or atleast 1 time every 6 months or so. Just download the latest version of your app and reburn the cd/dvd. It’s really cool and fun,but a bit technical and a pain in the ass. Thanks in advance guys! :bow:

this might be a question to also direct to their support staff while you’re waiting for an answer here.

(and if oyu hear back from them before finding an answer here be sure to post back and let us know what the solution was!)