CloneDVD sensitive to burn speed?


I have the current CloneDVD and AnyDVD with XP Home SP2
I use a laptop with an internal Pioneer DVR-K15 firmware 1.04 .
The drive is rated for 8X, but most of my burns fail after 85% or when
tested afterwards find errors after 85%.
I notice the drive makes a different pitch / hum when it goes past the
80% point.
I am using 8X +R discs, Sony, TDK
I have had much better success with 4X.
I found this out by error, I burned some 4x discs and they all came out
as a success with no errors.
Is there a fix?
Would Nero’s version of ASPI help?

Another note, it would be great if I could set CloneDVD to read at max
and burn at 4X, in fact seperate read speed selection and burn speed
selection. Right now the best I can do is copy at max and cancel before
the write. Then go back and burn from the files on the hard disc at 4x.
Any other ideas?

Clone DVD lets you set the burn speed to 4x even on 8X or 16X media. Don’t under stand your problem. It’s just a setting in cloneDVD.

4X is an excellent, reliable burn speed.

Don’t understand your second post at all. I can tell you are new and i’m not trying to be rude :slight_smile: but it makes no sense. Do you have the real cloneDVD?

What version CloneDVD?
What version AnyDVD.

One should never post “current” or “latest” if you really want help.

Best regards

yes I am a newbie, thanks for any help.
I have paid and registered versions of AnyDVD and
CloneDVD2 .
What I was trying to say is that when you pick the speed for
CloneDVD it sets both the read speed and the burn speed.
I would like to set the read to 8x and the burn to 4x.
Can that be done?

Also, does the aspi driver from Nero help CloneDVD perform better?


The read speed is dependant on your burners ability and it’s firmware, no setting in Clonedvd for that.
The write speed can be selected in CloneDVD, but once again the burners firmware has the final say. If you put a 8x branded disk in the burner and set CloneDVD to burn faster it won’t. The firmware is the brains of the operation.
To simplify, when you give those instructions to burn at 12X with CloneDVD, the firmware goes to it’s memory for that particular media and says, I can’t do that, it’s too fast, and will burn at the 8x speed.

I strongly urge you to always keep your firmware updated since new media is always coming out and it may correct bugs that were present in previous versions.

There is hacked firmware available for some burners that will change the specs on some medias to burn faster, there are also some firmware utilities that you can customize how fast a specific disk will burn. Many have luck with this but I don’t use it and stay with the manufacturers recommended speeds.

I hope this has answered some of your questions.

As far as your question
“Also, does the aspi driver from Nero help CloneDVD perform better?”
No it does not, CloneDVD uses it’s own drivers, ElbyCDIO.sys and ElbyDelay.sys that reside in the Windows\System32\Drivers directory.

@ EBChamorro,

Suggest viewing the below article concerning the importance of using the most up to date DVD Burner firmware.

Your current Pioneer DVR-K15 DVD Burner firmware version 1.04 is old and out dated. Below is a link, which provides the latest version 1.11 firmware.

As explained by Forum member itzbinnice your Pioneer DVR-K15 DVD Burner read/rip speed and writing/burning speed is internally set and controlled by your DVD Burner firmware. Unfortunately there is no rip lock removed firmware available for your Pioneer DVR-K15 DVD Burner. So internally your Pioneer DVR-K15 DVD Burner is limited through firmware to read/rip at the default factory set speed of 5x speed. The Burning speed of your Pioneer DVR-K15 DVD Burner is determined by the combination of your DVD Burner firmware and the rated speed of your blank DVD Media.

To obtain quality burners from your Pioneer DVR-K15 DVD Burner you need to ensure that you are using quality top of the line blank DVD Media. To acquire information on quality top of the line blank DVD Media suggest visiting the CD Freaks Blank Media Forum (

Best Regards,

Thanks for all the help!
Yes, the laptop maker Acer has all the DVR set to firmware 1.04.
I found out about the update, but that might void Acer’s warranty
if they find it updated to 1.11 and then it dies for some other reason.
I got the Acer on sale as a demo for a good price with a warranty.
Acer has been helpful so far, they have sent replacements
for the 60 gig HD, battery and even this DVR without any problems.
I am not sure if I should flash the new DVR.
I am thinking of getting an external burner.
What is the best external burner +R and -R for up to $200?

Then I can read from the laptop and burn at max to the external.

Thanks for all the help!

@ EBChamorro,

The version firmware 1.11 provided is Official Pioneer Firmware and up dating your Pioneer DVR-K15 DVD Burner with Official Pioneer firmware will not void your warranty.

Perchance who informed you that updating your Pioneer DVR-K15 DVD Burner with Official Pioneer DVD Burner Firmware would void your warranty? If you closely review your computer warranty you will find that Acer does not provide a warranty for your Pioneer DVR-K15 DVD Burner but the warranty for your Pioneer DVR-K15 DVD Burner is actually provided by Pioneer. It should be noted that if the Computer Company that manufacture your Computer did not manufacture the DVD Burner often they tend to be less diligent about providing DVD Burner firmware updates.

Also suggest that you view the below PC World article concerning the reasons why you need to ensure that your DVD Burner has the most up to date current firmware installed to ensure that you DVD Burner is performing up to its full potential.,aid,115672,00.asp

To obtain information concerning your Pioneer DVR-K15 DVD version firmware v1.11 visit the CD Freaks Pioneer DVD Burner Forum (

If you are interested in obtaining information of DVD Burners suggest visiting the CD Freaks DVD Burner Forum (

Best Regards,