CloneDVD rips 1/4 as fast as DVDDecrypter?

So I bought a copy of CloneDVD the other night, and have been using it, with AnyDVD, to backup some of my double-layer DVDs to my hard disk.

I have noticed that it sometimes takes almost 50 minutes just to rip the DVD, whereas when I used DVDDecrypter with AnyDVD, it took 15-20 minutes, tops.

Does anyone have any idea why CloneDVD would be so much slower? Is it doing a lot more work than DVDDecrypter did? (more error checks, more re-reads, etc?).

I’m new to CloneDVD, so any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • Tim

It all depends on the disc itself really. Average time for me with CloneDVD2 is under 10 minutes, but sometimes I run across a disc that takes 20-30.

don’t DL disks take longer to read if even the data is not that much more than a SL disk?

DL disks do take longer, but my Plextor PX716SA is pretty speedy, and DL disks have taken only 15 or 20 minutes at most in the past to rip using DVDDecrypter.

I’m just doing a test-run with DVDDecrypter against the same DVD, and it’s estimating 12 minutes at the current speed, whereas CloneDVD estimated 45 minutes (and took 45-50 with the actual rip). I notice that when DVDDecrypter is running, the disk speeds up to what sounds like close to max rip speed (or at least faster), whereas when CloneDVD rips, the disk stays at a slower speed.

Anyone know why this might be?

  • Tim

Doesn’t DVDDecrypter just rip, not transcode and compress? I know CloneDVD compresses the movie while ripping, but I don’t think Decrypter does, I may be wrong.

I am not transcoding nor compressing in this process. I am doing a direct DVD-to-hard-disk copy (allowing for thigns that CloneDVD and AnyDVD fix/remove themselves). I have CloneDVD convert the copied files into a .ISO, and I am not including that in how long it takes to finish (just the ripping is taking 45 minutes or more - the conversion to a .ISO is taking another 10-15 mins). The entire process for a single DVD can be up to 1 hour and 15 mins using CloneDVD, and DVDDecrypter, to create a .ISO, took 13 minutes.

The reason I’m using CloneDVD is that I was getting some strange jitter and artefacts on DVDDecrypter rips that didn’t exist on CloneDVD rips. I didn’t do enough tests to be 100% definite that DVDDecrypter was the culprit, although I did do 2 DVDDecrypter rips of one particular DVD and saw the same problems in the same spots in the mounted .ISO, whereas CloneDVDs mounted .ISO didn’t have those problems.

If it is, as I suspect, that DVDDecrypter is spinning up the drive to a higher speed than CloneDVD does, it could be that that in itself is introducing read errors.

If the CloneDVD people could chime in, if they see this, it’d be great. If not, I’ll drop them an email.

  • Tim

this could be clonedvd taking it’s time and doing the job right, instead of being quick and useless :iagree:

Nyuk nyuk, hardy har har. :slight_smile:

I was looking for a specific set of technical reasons, actually.

  • Tim


as you said in your post, you didn’t do enought tests with DVDD and clonedvd to confirm it was DVDD causing your problems, try doing some more. as said above, it could be the movie you ripping.

just to be sure you’ve got the settings correct for ripping a DL disk, have you set it to DVD-9 ? or have you still got it set to DVD-5, if you do it’ll be compressing it

I’ll probably do a few more tests on some nice, new, pristine DVDs.
The DVDDecrypter settings have been well-vetted over the last year.
The CloneDVD settings, yes, it’s set for “DVD+/-DL” (100%).

Honestly, though, I strongly suspect the drive speed - the drive sounds like it’s spinning much faster when I run DVDDecrypter versus CloneDVD. I wonder if CloneDVD limits speed to assure fewer errors, or limits speed in cases where errors have been detected (not having worked with DVD drivers, I don’t know about this).

  • Tim

All I can tell you is that whenever I rip DL movies using CloneDVD2 + AnyDVD, depending on the disc and which dvd drive I am using, it is either very speedy, sometimes as short as 15 minutes… or sometimes up to 40.

I’ve used both these programs in conjuction for a long time, and it is to my experience that CloneDVD functions in such a way that it does its best to produce the highest quality possible replications.

Hi :slight_smile:
When using AnyDVD & CloneDVD2, my average time to rip/compress/write to SL DVD is between 15 > 20 mins. When using this combination if speed seems to be an issue. Try in the settings of AnyDVD (Drives - check Enable Speed Control - then using the drop down menu’s select Fast & Noisey - this works for some drives - Plextor 708 being one of the drives that brought about the need for this).

You can try to disable the popcorn eating sheep.

I just checked out a recent Dl title (Inside Man) and cDVD2 and dvdD both took 15 minutes on my system
I have never noted Clone to take more than 15 min on a DL rip and only less than half that on an SL disk

Tbessie -,

Long time user of AnyDVD/CloneDVD and I echo Zaq’s #14 posting times and find your 50 minute rip time excessively long. I believe Tru’s #13 suggestion of CloneDVD Sheep animation could possibly be the cause of your CloneDVD excessive time.


Y’er all a bunch of jokers here, ain’t’cha? :slight_smile:

Although, as a matter of fact, it would be nice to turn off the
silly animation. :slight_smile:

  • Tim

It’s not a joke, the animation eats up CPU cycles and slows the rip down, right click on the sheep and uncheck “animation enabled”

Read it from “the man himself” check out post #51

Could the animation really take up that much time? Seems unlikely somehow…

  • Tim

If you don’t have a dedicated GPU, or a weak one, anything is possible. Anything that puts an extra load on a CPU is capable of slowing down other programs.

this MAY be true if your drive is riplocked (has a read speed limit on DL DVD-ROM discs)

as always, there are modified firmwares available all over the place to remove thie riplock “feature”