CloneDVD release any closer?

I know the expected release of CloneDVD was March 2003. I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was going to be an impending release anytime soon.

Also (correct me if I’m wrong), as I understand it, CloneDVD is going to kind of be a combination of DVDxCopy functionality (splitting over 2 discs) and transcoding funtionality (DVD2one, DVD95copy, etc).

piece of news

In the meantime enjoy a free software called DVDShrink. I’ve never been more impressed with a dvd software on it’s initial release ever. Awesome documentation, preview each title, preview frames, cut ending credits, strip extra audio, transcode. Keep menus or choose exclude menus. Only thing is if it has the same quality as dvd95copy and dvd2one then it’s clearly superior…not only because it’s free but because DVDShrink shows each size of each stream. Also no need for dvddecrypter either since it includes decyrpting capability. So you can choose the options you wish then let it go and in a short while you’ll have your VIDEO_TS folder ready to burn.

I did Gone in 60 seconds…no transcoding required so that was majorly quick…only 7 mins…then I did Ever After and that was 5.57Gb after (I’m kinda confused cuz DVDShrink says 5.57Gb and DVDToolbox says 5.57GB notice Gb gigabits and GB gigabytes). Anyway it took 11mins (ripped files already on hd) so it’s ultra fast. Quality looked excellent…gonna burn to dvd and look at it on the TV.

thanx for the info