CloneDVD registration

I have downloaded the latest trial version of CloneDVD2, and now wish to register it. I am assuming I don’t have to redownload the program on my REALLY slow internet connection…that I can just put the serial code somewhere into the program. I tried clicking on everything in hopes of finding the registration prompt, but no luck. It has many opportunities to purchase the online key, but I don’t need to do that.
Thanks! :bigsmile:

Go to and use the contact/support link.

When I paid and registered AnyDVD and CloneDVD, it gave me the registry key and I double clicked on it and it automatically worked on mine.

I have updated CloneDVD 3 times since then and AnyDVD 2 times.

Why ?

@ algebrateacher CloneDVD does not use a “registration prompt” to register the program. The online key is what you are after. This is a small reg file, very easy of the slow internet connection :wink:

There are a few places where one can purchace the online key but the two most popular are :
Elby and Slysoft.

Dont worry you will only need need to download CloneDVD when there is a update. You will not regret buying.


Don’t lose the key!