CloneDVD Question

OK, I was having problems making a backup of one of my movies so I went out and purchased AnyDVD. Worked great.

In the past I’ve used DVD Shrink to convert my movies so that I could put them on a single DVD.

I’ve downloaded a free trial of CloneDVD just to give it a try.
The program is easy to use, and works great.

My question is: Is the compression Algorithm better or equal to DVD Shrink?
Do I gain anything by using CloneDVD over DVD Shrink.

Comments please…


It depends on how much compression and who you talk to…

I agree, it mostly depends on who you talk to. The truth is that clone dvd is a program that you pay for so technically it should do better than shrink. personally i have had more success with clonedvd than with shrink. I also use 1click dvd pro but its kinda expensive. 1 click dvd pro actually has a much better compression engine than either clone or shrink, but you pay out the nose for it. It actually comes down to one question. Are you happy with the way shrink works. If so then anydvd will work with it just fine. But if you are unhappy with shrink and dont mind putting a little more money into your adventures then it might be worth paying for a program like clone or 1 click.

Just curious, is that your opinion or is it a fact? If a fact can you give the link that shows this? I remember seeing comparison test awhile ago but none recently.

Its from a compression test run late last year but its nothing recent, and may not even be true now. I cant even remember where i found it. But when i was looking for my compression software i researched for several weeks before i actually found what seemed to be accurate results. But for the most part its opinion from the dvds i have backed up. 1 click seems to yield better results with less distortion on my setup. It may be different for someone else. That is why I heavily suggest using as many compression engines as possible before you decide on one.
By the way if you find a place that has recent test results, if you would post it somewhere, I would appreciate it.

Here’s one quality comparison that includes Shrink and CloneDVD, along with other compression engines, picking arbitrary frames to compare:

This topic has been discussed several times in these forums and other sites as well. So I’ll refrain from my comments and let your eyes be the judge. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link!!!