CloneDVD Question

Do i have to take my Video_TS files off the dvd and put them on my hard drive before i can make a backup?

If the files are to big to fit on one disk you do. They have to be shrunk to fit. If the disk will hold all of the files you can copy on the fly. No hard drive needed. If you are using DL disks i have no experience with them sorry.

ok i am using anydvd and clonedvd2 (very new to these programs). Here is what i did to backup dvd.
I started anydvd (do you have to do anything with this program besides let it run?)
then i went to clonedvd2 and output method part and put in my blank dvd and clicked “go!”
it said i was missing Video-TS files
Please help

edit: i only have 1 dvd drive (Nec 3500A)

Top button for copy movie only. Middle button for copy whole movie. Bottom button for copy on the fly or files already on hard drive. Anydvd runs in the back ground. The Fox will turn grey then back red when it has done it’s thing with the protection.

This is a good guide but it has older versions in it. But it is useful >