CloneDVD Problems

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I am new here so please go easy on me :wink:

I have been backing up some DVDs, the main movie only, with Clone DVD and have noticed that they will play fine in my Philips DVD player, but will not play correctly on my PS2. They just repeatedly jump from scene to scene only playing for 2-3 seconds without actually playing any sound. :confused:

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix/solution?


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I don’t have a PS2 personally, but it sounds like it could be a media problem. Take a look here. See how your media stands up & what may suit you better.

yes definitely sounds like a media issue. also take note of your burn speed. you never want to burn at the “max” setting in clonedvd. Set the speed setting to the rated speed of your media or a notch or two below.

you can check the media ID code on the media you’re using by downloading nero cd-dvd speed and checking under the “disc info” tab. if you post that back here we’ll be able to tell you if you’re using quality media or not.

Agree with the media problem, but another thing has your ps2 a modchip?

ahh glad we got some vidoe game people in on this thread. i didn’t even know you needed a mod chip to play movies (although I did know it was necessary to play burned games)

Oh no, you don’t need a modchip to play DVD backups on a PS2.

The main problem lies in the drive that is in your PS2 (+/- media playing capability and reliability), secondly in the media. If you want to play a backup in your PS2 burn it at a lower speed (+4 for instance). With time the DVD backup playing ability of your PS2 will decrease.

Hi All,

I have tried the same process with DVD Fab and it works fine! :cool:

DVD Fab is using VSO 1.9 to burn the image, not sure what CloneDVD is using, but maybe it is the burn engine? :confused:

The media is RITEK printable x8 DVD +R I have found this to be the most reliable and has always worked fine. Usually I backup with DVDshrink, but I thought I could improve the image quality by removing all the extra stuff on the DVDs by using CloneDVD with the main film option.

Any Ideas, just as a challenge :wink: