Clonedvd problems

ok i use clonedvd . i can rip the dvds and store them on the hard drive and play them with nero showtime . i am also useing anydvd . when i burn them they play just fine on both of my pc dvd roms . but they play for about 3 mins in my liveing room dvd player . and at the start i seen like a little comercial of marovision quality protecion and on the other dvd i see one of laser pacific media corparation .at the beginning and then it goes to the dvd and i can pick all the selections but after it starts playing it quits . but i dont see this comercial when i play them on my dvd rom on my pc they play just fine . any suggestions would be helpful . i just started trying this and i think im doing something wrong ? lol i have a sony dru-720a dvd+/- burner thanks . ps is there any better programs to use thanks :confused:

This forum is not for that make of CloneDVD, this is Elby CloneDVD, you are using something like that)…

The better program is CloneDVD you can download from Slysoft…

The Latest version of CloneDVD is– from Elby. The version you are using is not the same clone dvd.Try looking in the Elby Site at for our version and see the difference

Hamp .Sorry for the duplicate posting you just beat me to it

ok tried it with clonedvd2 and its still doing the same thing anyone have any ideas ??? its meet the fockers thanks

That movie has comes with a menu that asks you your choice, Extended Version, or Theatrical Version. The default is Extended. If you copied movie only and not the full disk, it will not play because the titles are not present.
Just click on the Theatrical Version and it should work if you had a successful burn.