Clonedvd picture reader

ok … i just got it solved but still wondered about this

when you insert disc and your using ANYDVD/CLONEDVD combo, when i am selecting which things i want to keep in the title configuration, and i click on each separate one the picture reader cant load or find it … so i just cleaned the DVD and it works now … but i was wondering what if i didnt load picture reader and i went and to transcode/copy, would it be crappy or not do it at all … just curious, thanks

that tough of a question that no one knows?? :slight_smile:

It rather nobody seems to care answering it.

Either all will be fine or you’ll get an error prompt,
so that the copying process will be stopped and the temporary files - gone.

well i figured, i knew it wasnt a tough question, i was jokin bout that, i just cleaned the actual disc and put it in and it worked fine with picture reader that time