CloneDVD option does not clone whole DVD


Today I borrowed one movie from my friend, it was already in 4.7GB format. So I thought that it would not be needed to check what chapters do I need to choose or ommit.

I chosed CloneDVD option and I expected whole DVD being copied = cloned, without any further need to check-in, what I want to have copied. First thing which looked strange to me was I saw Czech subtitles not being checked. I decided to give it a try, to know, if the CloneDVD option safely copies whole disc for me or not. So the result? Czech subtitles are missing!

Now my question is - why is something actually being called “Clone”, if it does not clone and further tweaking is needed? I thought things were supposed to work easy way?

Also - another strange scenario. I have 9GB movie, I choose menu, I select various chapters to be included. Everything’s OK. Then I go to another screen - subtitles and preferred languages. I select subtitles for various languages, as it is handy once you learn any of such languages to watch it written. But - once I try to select preferred language (assuming DVD autostarts withs such selection), it unchecks some of subtitles I selected I want to have included - why?


If you want everything you need to check the boxes on the right side of the screen. If you only check one language on the right, the languages not matching that criteria get unchecked on the left. Check all the languages you want to keep on the right. The same for audio streams. CloneDVD also remembers your preferences, as far as I know, so it is unlikely that you’d need to do it again unless you start dealing with new languages or types of audio streams.

1.) You are right, the default should be “all subtitle streams enabled” instead of “disabled”. Already on my todo list. Note, that if you want to copy without any modification, the third button “write existing data” can be the better choice.

2.) I suggest you read the CloneDVD manual. The “Preferences” on the right are the place, where you select the streams. Do not touch the individual streams on the left, unless you want to do weird stuff (e.g., have only english language for one title, and czech language for another).
The preferences have nothing to do, which streams are selected by your player n startup. This is usually done in the preferences of your player.

Hi Ollie, love your software. I have a question about the audio tracks when backing up DVD movies. Sometimes there are multiple choices that seem redundant. If you turn some off, the burning quality increases. However, I am reluctant to do that because I am afraid that I will waste a disc if I end up with a movie with no sound. Is there a way to find out what I am turning on/off? I generally am just interested in the movie. Also, if I only check the 6 channel option, will it play on 2 channel equipment or do I need to check both if I want the option to play it without my receiver?

OK, thanks for suggestion of RTFM :slight_smile: I tried to do it, but I was not patient enough so I skipped the part describing the section of “Stream selection”

Some notes, if you don’t mind - I remember CloneCD. Maybe it was my fault but in the past I used it as means of “binary CD clone”. Second option in clone DVD has rather clear description - “Clone DVD including ALL titles and menus” - why should any content be ommited? If so, the button/functionality is redundant imo as I can better use first option and check what I need/want. That is just not logical imo the way it is, as if we are talking DVD9, you have to use first option anyway (to strip content down) and if DVD5, it can be copied as a whole and second screen (stream preferences) is not needed at all …

As for “Stream preferences”, it is incorrectly translated into Czech as “Zkukove preference”, which is back-translated as “Sound preferences” …

I can easily bet, that most users, not reading manual (who does) will try to use second option to Clone entire DVD and they will be confused with result. Third option is fine, but to average joe user, something like “Process or write DVD files and UDF/ISO images” means one thing - don’t touch that section, as who knows what it does …


Only because subtitle streams are not selected by default. Will be fixed.

This is intentional. 3rd button is for people who know exactly what they’re doing, and not for the casual user.
Try to copy a DVD9 (most DVDs are) to a DVDR5 with the third option - you will have a very bad experience.

Usually selecting AC3 6-Channel in the language you like will be fine. And yes, it will play on 2 channel equipment.
If in doubt, use your dvd player software and check, before you burn. (write to files, play, check picture quality and audio tracks, then burn with the 3rd button “write existing data”)
Usually checking the original with a dvd player sofware reveals the nature of the audio tracks as well.
Yes, Audio preview is missing in CloneDVD. Already on my todo list…

My question exactly…

Answered already.

SL disks aren’t that expensive to do alittle experimenting.

I lack patience and am very cheap! :bigsmile:

Anyway, I thought that’s what forums are for, to exchange info. If no one had an answer I would have experimented but it would have taken 3-4 discs and a few hours to cover all the tracks.

Buy a DVD+RW disc. That’s the only idiot-proof way of testing your burn.

Using the “right mouse button” usually helps a lot. I wonder, why nobody at least uses the context sensitive help.

Hello Olli,

CloneDVD is an excellent software program for backing up DVDs and produces excellent results.

I am glad to hear that an “Audio Preview” function is on your To-Do list. Sometimes it is challenging to figure out exactly which one of the audio streams is the correct one to chose. If an “Audio Preview” function were available it would be easy to figure out which audio stream was the correct one. I believe this will be a great addition to an already excellent program.

Best Regards,

Along the same lines.
I’m trying to clone a very funny Brit Sitcom called “The Office”. It comprises of six 30 minute episodes. When I come to burn the DVD is approx 8 GB. I thought I could save 3 episodes @ a time however when I come to play the burnt DVD on a regular DVD player I need the start menu to select between episode. As it stands I can only view the first episode that fires up.

On my second attempt I tried to save three episodes plus the other small files associated with the DVD which I assumed must contain the menu and start up trailer etc. Still no luck.

What is the trick to ensure the menu is captured on the DVD.

I appologize if this is a newbies question but I am new to using this software and also to this forum.

Any info would be appreciated.

You must select the checkbox “include menu” in the Title selection screen in CloneDVD. I suggest you read CloneDVD’s manual.

Thanks for your patience. Your software is terrific. I have been using it for almost a year now without a single hitch, whether with DVD Decrypter or for the last 6 mos., AnyDVD. My hat is off too you sir. :bow:

Thanks Olli for your comments.

I believe I did select that on my second unsuccesful attempt. However I plan to experiment, whilst using the DVD file or ISO/UDF option so I don’t waste another DVD.

I printed out a copy of CloneDVD/AnyDVD Guides by MadBob and hope to get smarter with time?

Another vote for checking the audio track. Adding the rip speed would be extra cool, too. Course, there should be an option to defeat these this for maximum rip speed. I would be glad to give up the transcode screen for these features.

I take it that if I don’t display the video snapshot screen while ripping, then I will see a small improvement in rip time?