CloneDVD on Vista x64 RTM

Anyone tried running CloneDVD on Vista x64 RTM?

I have an interesting issue where after installing my CloneDVD key and rebooting, now every time I try to start up CloneDVD I get a message from Windows saying “RegCheck” crashed. Once I exit the dialog, CloneDVD starts up in Trial Mode and seems to function just fine.

I realize Vista RTM was just released on MSDN a couple days ago and developers haven’t had a chance to work out any app incompatibilities yet. I was just wondering if something unique about my setup was causing the issue or if everyone was having this issue.

AnyDVD has the same issue. I have registered all the Slysoft products, but I haven’t installed CloneCD and CloneDVD Mobile yet to see if they also have this problem.

FYI: The drivers are loaded by F8 boot and disabling the Signed driver checks.

Not good. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce this problem, so I need your help.

1.) Navigate to the AnyDVD program folder. Double-click RgDrvls.exe. Does it crash?

2.) If yes, download Unzip RegDrvls.exe and put it in AnyDVD program folder. Double-click RgDrvls.exe. Does it still crash?

Note: Even if it doesn’t crash, registration will still not work, as AnyDVD will see that the file has been modified. If I get your ok, I can release an updated AnyDVD version.

OK, James, I think I may have found the problem.

If I turn on Hardware DEP, RegCheck crashes. This happens for both x64 and x86.

Turn off hardware DEP and it works fine.

Please try AnyDVD, this should work now with Vista & DEP enabled.

Yup, works great with DEP on Vista x86 and x64. Thanks James for the fast turn around.