CloneDVD - NTSC into PAL?



Would it be possible to burn a ntsc movie (region1) from the US with anydvd and clonedvd ? If so, could the copy be played on pal standalone players (region 2) in Europe?


I was a little bit irritated. I always thought that NTSC is a video format. The dvds have different region codes. So from my pov it should be possible to burn a “region 1 dvd” with anydvd and clonedvd2 and the copy should be region free so that you can watch it in European standalone players.


you can but it will still be ntsc. Make sure you have a player that can play both, otherwise even though it’s region free it will not play.


Thanx Ockingshay, I found out that my dvd player can play both pal and ntsc. What about the tv set? Shouldn’t it also be able to show ntsc movies?
What about watching them on my computer - I use power dvd 6.


Your Television will need to be able to play both PAL and NTSC colour signals as well, otherwise the NTSC picture will come out black and white.
Just check in the manual, but most recent televisions can so both.


This and/or IF your player can output “pseudo”-format called PAL60 and your television can sync with it, then you can also watch NTSC movies with PAL system. The trick in there is that signal is sent in PAL, but instead of 50Hz it goes 60Hz (=same as NTSC). This is not an normal situation, but suprisingly wide area of televisions can do that. There are no standard to this so that is just to try, if there is such option in DVD-player.

Advantage from that kind of configuration is that if your TV doesn’t show NTSC but can handle PAL60, you are fine. As most DVD-players could do so called NTSC to PAL conversion, but those look nasty as it just doubles “random” lines from source (little bit diffirent resolution) and movement is jerky (some frames are just dropped to get 50 pictures per second)


Actually I think it depends upon the DVD player. I have a GE1101PA that’s been modded to region free. Part of the mod changed the function of the clear key to a toggle between ntsc/pal. I can now play ntsc movies and if I put in a pal movie I press the clear button and it plays that movie just fine on my ntsc only TV.


Thanx for your help everybody! What about watching the dvd on my computer’s dvd-rom with power dvd 6?


Is there a software that can do this conversion. I mean, you clone a Pal DVD to transform it to NTSC? If so, what kind of software would that be. What other ideas do you guys recommend?


Canopus Procoder(the best but $$$$$$$$$$)
TMPGEnc 2.5
It’s a tedious process but when you learn it,you’ll never forget it.
Go to Videohelp and check out the guides and the software it will take.


No problems as long as you use AnyDVD to remove the region and anything else the DVD uses for protection :cool: :cool: :cool: