CloneDVD no sound?




First I used DVDshrink to get the .IFO, .VOB,… files and then I wrote the DVD(video) with CloneDVD. The DVD plays on my standalone dvd-player but I have no sound. When I look to my DVD with Explorer I notice that there is only a VIDEO_TS map and no AUDIO_TS? IS that why I don’t have any sound? If so, how can I add the AUDIO_TS folder to a DVD when I write him with CloneDVD?



AUDIO_TS is for compatibility with older set-tops. There’s nothing in it.

You need to choose all languages then rip. Same problem with some other DVDs.

Better still, try a full file rip with DVD Decrypter then CloneDVD.

You may need to experiment as to which language combo u need


So i shouldn’t use DVDshrink but DVDecrypter?


You can use DVD Shrink, as long as you experiment with languages.

This problem was discussed in a Hidden Tiger Crouching Dragon thread


You could also try changing the sound channels on your DVD player via your remote.

and see if there is any sound in PowerDVD or WinDVD on your PC.