CloneDVD; no audio when choosing AC-3/2

It seems fifty percent of the time, when choosing 2.0 surround sound audio, the end result is no audio on the DVD.

In CloneDVD, you can choose from several audio streams. Below are very common examples.

  1. English Dolby AC-3/6
  2. French Dolby AC-3/6
  3. English Dolby AC-3/2
  4. English Dolby AC-3/2 director’s comments
  5. English Dolby AC-3/2 director’s comments

Because of this I normally just choose the 6-channel audio stream. Choice #1. When films are 2:35 mins long is when I try to save some space w/ the audio selection.

Why does it do this?

The ac-3/2 stream is for the extra-features, not the actual film.

Thanks for a response. Anyone.

But sometimes the 2-channel audio works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Yes, the 6-channel audio stream ALWAYS works.

When I get to the audio selection (left side is tweakers boxes), right side is “stream preferences”. If I choose the “2-channel” box it automatically chooses the correct audio boxes on the left side. Well, it chooses #2 and #3.

If that is true, then I CAN NEVER copy a movie in 2.0-channel audio? But I thought I’ve done that before more than once.

Check the “Audio and Subtitle Settings” (The 3rd filmstrip). At the top-left you will see the titles. Look for your main title (the longest) and check which audio streams are available for it. You should see something like AC3/6 EN, AC3/2 EN, etc. This tells you what audio is available for your main title. IF AC3/2 EN isn’t there then you won’t have audio if you record the DVD with only the AC3/2. Does that help?

I think that some movies don’t have a AC3/2 track on them because the AC3/6 will play just as well in stereo as does in surround without having to put two seperate tracks on the DVD.

Thanks hanguker! Well said.

I know exactly which film strip you’re talking about. For large movie files, I like to choose the 2-channel instead of 6 because it saves about 3-6% compression.

No problem. I get your point about saving compression. I couldn’t bear losing my 5.1 surround, though. One of the main reasons I switched to DVD a years back was because of how Matrix sounded on the department store surround system! Blew my mind! :smiley:

Happy backups and happy New Year. :slight_smile:

In one DVD I have, four “AC-3/2” streams exist. They all say English Dolby AC-3/2.

I’m sure one or two of them are Commentaries.

How do I tell which stream(s) is the movie audio? I bet I could use some other program, if not Elby, to figure out which stream is which. Any programs out there?

Hello Folks,

In a recent Forum posting by Olli, he made a statement that an “Audio Preview” function for CloneDVD was on his To-Do list.

I believe if an “Audio Preview” function were available in CloneDVD, Forum member Rairden problems would be solved. Sometimes figuring out which audio stream is the correct one is challenging.

I hope Olli includes an “Audio Preview” function in CloneDVD the near future.

Best Regards,

PowerDVD? WinDVD? Windows Media Player? Media Player Classic? Zoom Player? …

Exactly what I was thinking, but I was too lazy to post it!! :smiley: :cool: