Clonedvd-no audio in cloned dvd

OK, I tried this question in the newbie section with no luck for answers. I am having troubles getting audio onto the movie ,but have audio on the menu and commentary. I am using clone dvd and any dvd. Have selected audio streams for each chapter, the burn goes well with the exception of sound in movie. What am I doing wrong?

What audio streams do you have there ?

While in Audio and Subtitle Settings, make sure to select Dolby AC-3/6 if available,
the commentary is usually AC-3/2.

hey BoSkin! thanks for the reply, yes I’ve tryed both 3/2 and 3/6 seperately and then both streams togeather, could it be that the software just wont do it? remember I’m using clone dvd2 and anydvd, and just now discovered decrypters. Ya see I’m realy not to sure of what I’m doing just yet. any help would be great, thanks

Hi. I’m a newie also & having the same problems!

I can do backup copy of already copied DVD’s (I think because they have ready been decoded). However when it comes to backup an originally DVD that has special feature eg. ‘Director’s Commentary’, the director’s commentary comes over the top of the movie?

I’m using CloneDVD v & AnyDVD, It’s driving me crazy as I really want to copy my original ‘Spider Man’ I purchased, put away the original and only use the copy!

I need a little help too :bow: if any knows what I’m doing wrong!

How come does the SW do it in my and many other’s cases then ?

As for the streams, you mean if you just uncheck AC-3/2, it still appears in the copy, doesn’t it ?


why don’t you update your current version of CDVD ?
There have been many changes and improvements since then.

Stupid question really but when you say you have no sound is this playing it back on your PC with PowerDVD or on a standalone. If you don’t select the right soundtrack in PowerDVD (and I think some distros don’t support DTS) then you will certainly hear nothing?
Caught me out in the beginning . . .


I haven’t been having this trouble but I know someone who has and hes asked me too look at it for him and I’m stumped, I set it up exactly the same as mine and all you can hear is the directors commentry, whether its on a stand alone or on the PC.

I’d be interested to know whats causing it??!?!?!