CloneDVD no 5.1 (Dolby Digital) audio in copy


i’ve copied several DVDs using CloneDVD in conjunction w/ AnyDVD. I always did Copy whole DVD w/out ripping anything out.
I’m now somewhat confused since i bought a Surround System now. Denon AVR-1804 + Canton LS + Denon DVD 1400.

When i play those copied DVDs the best audio option is Dolby Pro Logic II. Thats for following DVDs:

  1. Robbie Williams - What We Did Last Summer
  2. Robbie Williams - Live At Albert

Its a bitch i dont have the originals here then i could test if theres no 5.1 available.

Other orginal DVDs like Lord of the Rings have 5.1 (Dolby Digital).

Is that missing 5.1 feature caused by CloneDVD?

Hope u have some hints…


> Is that missing 5.1 feature caused by CloneDVD? <



found it out… had to change audio settings on DVD…
works now…