CloneDVD Mobile with xvid

I downloaded the trial of CloneDVD Mobile, and it’s what I’ve been searching for (a simple to use program that can convert my DVD’s into AVI’s for portability), BUT, it seems to only have divx support (I don’t care about the 42 other formats like PSP etc, just making AVI’s I can take with me on my laptop easier and safer than carrying around a bunch of DVDs). I have TV episodes encoded by a friend with xvid that are 300-400MB for a 45 minute show. With the divx encoding preformed by AnyDVD Mobile, the files are 600-700 MB. How can I add xvid support to the program (your web page says it supports it)? I’ve searched the internet with no luck (including the forums that you list).


yeah, i couldn’t care less about the psp, ipod etc formats, but would like a little more control over xvid/divx/nerodigital or whatever you like to call mpeg4 these days. is there at least a way of chosing codec - maybe through making a profile?

and how about wmv support - i hate most microsoft stuff, but i’ve got to give it to them, wmv8 seems to absolutely destroy divx5 for size and quality, they can keep the drm-ladened wmv9/10 though :wink:

And I only care about the iPod format which I have yet to get the audio and video synchronised.

I have the same problem please someone show us the way to tranform in AVI format I would like to use to file on my IPAQ using windows mobile 5.0

You might want to try a program called autogk or I use these programs with AnyDVD (which is a great ripper). Both are very good, and free. is a little easier, you may want to start with it.

So what i do is use anydvd with clonedvd to rip only the main movie. Then I use autogk or to do the actual divx/xvid encoding.

If you are interested in Divx only you might want to look at Divx’s DivX Dr 2.

BTW: I think that CloneDVD mobile is using DivX 4.0, which is just awful.

I’d like to convert avi to ipod but clonedvdmobile doesn’t even recognize avi files (they are from my camcorder). You would think that something as common as avi files would be recognized.