CloneDVD Mobile will only rip around three quarters of the movie

For the most part CloneDVD Mobile works fine. The audio is always slightly out of sync but it’s not too noticable. The major flaw that I’ve ran into is that CloneDVD Mobile (running version won’t rip some movies all the way. One being “The Count of Monte Cristo” and the other being “The Passion of the Christ”. If I remember correctly I ripped both at “852X480”. I have no clue what’s causing this but I’ve got a strong hunch it’s a bug in the software. My friend is running into the same problem with his movies as well, so I know it’s not my hardware. Anyways, just getting the word out there.

Would like to know if anybody else is running into the same problems. :frowning:

Thank You

CloneDVD will not create .AVI files larger than 2GB. This is a known problem.

Hi - I can’t really help, but I can say that I have not managed to rip a single DVD over 2 hours and 1 minute using CloneDVD Mobile (running version I’m using the setting for Archos AV700 (though I have an AV500). But for this problem, I think CloneDVD Mobile is great.

For the record, ImTOO DVD Ripper Platinum 4 set to Archos AV500 will only rip DVD’s shorter than 1 hour 47 minutes and 26s !! Clearly, CloneDVD Mobile is a step in the right direction. Someone must be able to help with these problems! For the record, a 1 hour 57 min DVD ripped for AV700 by CloneDVD Mobile is just over 1Mb . . . there has to be another limiting factor here.