CloneDVD Mobile Widescreen Help for ipod

I have the video ipod. I am using clone dvd mobile to convert dvd’s to the ipod. It works great and very quick, but widescreen movies are small and I need to remove the black bars to make it full screen on the ipod. I contacted tech support and the said to change the resolution in the devie.ini file in clone dvd mobile. But they will not tell me which on to change and what to change it to. Does any one know how to change widescreen to fullscreen?

The support people are confused. Use the medium resoultion in CloneDVD mobile. In the iPod Video settings, disable Widescreen display. Now you should see the movie magnified (but left and right parts are cut off).

I tried that but it does not work. I also contacted apple thinking something was wrong on there end, but they oly support their own videos. Any more ideas? Thanks!!!

Strange, it worked for me. What firmware has your iPod? Mine is 1.1 (I think). You should make sure that the “TV-Out” port is disabled. Good luck!

I have 1.1 firmware and tried it one more time. It maked the display a little bigger but it is still not a full screen. Any more ideas? Thanks!!!