Clonedvd Mobile Version released

Version 2006 02 12

  • New: Up to 300% (!) faster encoding with Apple iPod,
    Sony PSP, Generic DivX and some other profiles
  • New: Added profile for Sony Ericsson Phones (3GP)
  • New: Added profile for Nokia Phones (3GP)
  • New: Added profile for Motorola Phones (3G2)
  • Change: Uses MPEG4 encoder instead of XVID by default
  • Fix: Automatic update check could hang on some machines
  • Fix: Wrong output size calculation with NTSC discs
  • Fix: Bad quality with Windows Smartphone profile
  • Fix: VOB output failed if file was bigger than 1 GByte
  • Fix: Playback problems and bad quality with iAudio X5
  • Updated lanuages
  • Updated manuals