CloneDVD Mobile V1.6.1.0 Discussion Thread

Version 2009 06 14

  • fixed 3-pass encoding
  • audio is only encoded in last pass
  • new: stream is now completely processed by the chameleon engine
    completely reclocked, realigned, resegmented, refit
  • FFmpeg no longer demuxes, parses or damages the stream in any way
    FFmpeg still decodes video/audio/subtitles and encodes video/audio,
    mixes video, audio (scale, crop, deinterlace, subtitle harddup,
  • FFmpeg still multiplexes streams (avi, mpg, mkv, 3gp, mov, …)
  • fix: header synchronization (as found in AVP Requiem)
  • new: added profiles for Mio DigiWalker c720
  • new: added .dump file to investigate sync/transcoding issues
  • new: added support for audio copy, video copy (lossless transfer)
  • new: added support for 3gp v2
  • fix: accept 3gp/3gps as alias names for tgp/tg2
  • change: added correction in case audio starts later than video
  • change: switched ac3 decoder to aggressive mode
  • some minor fixes and improvements
  • new: added MPEG2 re-encode/passthrough profiles
  • change: Framerate setting (NTSCFrameRate/PALFrameRate/…) now
    allow exotic values, like 30 FPS.
  • fix: resync issues with certain long-running movies
  • change: improved x264 encoding quality
  • change: improved handling of stage files (multi-pass encoding)
  • fix: some issues with subtitle decoding
  • fix: some minor issues with SVCD
  • new: x264 featuring patch Psy-RD 0.6 by Jason Garrett-Glaser
  • new: added option to save encoder log
  • several minor fixes and improvements
  • transcoding speed should be greatly improved especially on multi-
    core systems now.
  • fix: previously selected multi-pass encoding could cause another
    “multipass” encoding when selecting passthrough mode, where
    it made no sense and only took up extra time.
  • fix: selecting all angles from a multi-angle title would cause
    no output to be generated. Transcoding of multiple angles
    into a single video file is pointless, so now selection of
    multiple angles is disabled.
  • fix: Any lipsync issues sould be resolved now - please post any
    problems in the appropriate area at
  • change: after initial installation of CloneDVD mobile the default
    output folder is now changed to the user’s “My Documents”
    directory to ensure write privileges are available.
  • fix: several profiles optimized.
  • several minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages
    The update is free for all registered customers, of course.
    Just install the new version on top of your current version, regardless which version you have installed:

Hi. I hope you can help me. I just downloaded the newest version of CloneDVD mobile today. I am still in my trial version, day 3. Ever since I downloaded the latest and greatest, the program freezes at 99% done on the first pass.

First, here are some of my specs:

Windows Vista 64 bit
icore 7 920
Umm, not too sure what else you may need to know.

Here is what I have tried so far to remedy the situation:

  1. Restarted computer
  2. Ran program as administrator.
  3. Ran program normally, NOT as administrator.
  4. Restarted computer.
  5. Ran it with 1 pass instead of 2 pass.
  6. Used VOB files already on my computer.
  7. Inserted DVD and had it get all files directly from DVD.

I also have ANYDVD running, and it does seem to be working properly. The old version of CloneDVD mobile worked without freezing at all. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Couldn’t figure out how to edit my post, lol, so I am adding this post to say that I also uninstalled and reinstalled CloneDVD Mobile.