CloneDVD Mobile: Trying to convert video for Motorola i870



Versions: CloneDVD Mobile and AnyDVD (purchased)

Trying to convert a movie to play on my Motorola i870, but can’t seem to find a format that is compatible. Is there a way to find out what the different profiles in CloneDVD Mobile actual output settings are? I discovered in another forum it can be done and the format is 3gp. Tried the Motorola and Samsung profiles but no luck. Here’s the required video settings:

Video Formats MPEG-4, H.263.
Audio Formats AMR-NB.
Bit Rates
Up to 128.

Any ideas? I also have Nero Ultra 6 with recode and haven’t tried that yet, but I don’t think it will work.
An avid user and fan for over a year of CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD.
Thanks for any help…


Try the Nokia profiles as they are 3gp, one has more resolution settings than the other so try both profiles and all resolutions, you may find one that works with the Nokia profile being 3gp, which is what you need.


Have now tried the Motorola, Samsung, and both Nokia profiles with no luck. Any suggestions, maybe from any one at Slysoft or Elby that happens to see this? Thanks!


I recommend using Slysoft products for your conversions, but if you are having trouble finding the correct settings…check this THREAD out.

Also, make sure the setting for the video is 128X96 or it wont work!!


Interesting thread, but would prefer to use ConeDVD Mobile as I trust it! (and all Slysoft products!) any suggestions from the slysoft team?


thanks, it does work! although small…