CloneDVD Mobile Question

I am trying out CloneDVD Mobile. I am using the generic Divx setting set to 20.
I noticed some files would have audio/video sync issues. Is there something i’m doing wrong? Bad software? Bad codec? Not to sure what is going on.

If you have any suggestions or can help in anyway I would appreciate it. My 3rd day using this forum and i’m loving the response/help. Thank you all!

What’s the version of CloneDVD mobile?
With what kind of player are you playing the files? (are they in sync, when using Windows Media Player?).
When you’re saying “some files”. Is there something, these have in common? Like files generated from NTSC-source are fine, while others created from PAL-source aren’t or vice-versa?
Also, how much are they out of sync and is this effect increasing with the duration of the video?