CloneDVD Mobile PSP Support

If they added the ability to Crop, a 400x192 or 400x160 resolution option, and a framerate setting (Now that the PSP supports more Framerates) this would be the ultimate PSP Encoding software.

Since when does the PSP allow another framerate than 29.97 fps? Did I miss a firmware update?
BTW, you can change the PSP profile in devices.ini and add as many framerates and resolutions as you like. Just look at the other profiles as examples.

I’ll check that out. Firmware 2.60 added 23.97,24 and 25fps support to the PSP. Clonemoble yields nice eresults but some movies yield out of sync audio.

Cool, I didn’t know that! Converting everything to 29.97 fps sucks.
I haven’t tried this yet, but adding these values

NTSCFrameRate2=23.98 (is it .97 or .98? Don’t know from memory)

should do it.

Hmm, didn’t have this problem myself (knock on wood).

It’s very Strange some movies will convert with the audio perfectly fine and others will be out of sync. I’ve done a bunch both ways and I can’t figure out why this would be. I’m going to retry the problem movie in strict MP4 to see if it’s strictly an AVC Issue. PSP conversion is frustrating, there are a million apps all offering some nice features but not one that offers all the features, like cropping, Frame setting support, bitrate setting support, different resolutions etc

I’m disheartened to hear that. I just bought a 2 gig memory card and was hoping to get cracking on loading it with some good anime or movie rips. So nothing does it all right, eh? It’s basically trial and error?

Not to mention that since v1.0.4.1, clonedvdmobile has been broken for psp mp4 output.


What do you mean with “broken”? For me it works just fine (I use PSP with firmware 2.60).

AVC or MP4 output? My firmware is 1.50 and does not support AVC format and since v1.0.4.1 of clonedvdmobile MP4 output does not work either.


I only use MP4 (AVC takes too long), maybe firmware 2.60 has improved support for MP4 as well which SlySoft uses?