CloneDVD Mobile - Not even starting!

what might i be doing wrong? downloaded CLONEDVD-Mobile, registered it and paid for it (stupidly ?), and now cannot even open any files. on the second page, when you are supposed to search for your input files, it just does not go into any (explorer like) input listing, shows the hourglass, and sits there, frozen.

first thought it did not like my notebook (although all other SLYSOFT products run fine), so moved everything over to a desktop, and started anew, with the trial version only.

same result!

both computers fairly new and powerful, perfectly updated XP SP2, and everything else but MOBILE runs fine.

any idea? any interaction with other progs or codecs known to cause trouble and lockups?

greetings - heinz -

It freezes on my PC too (Win2k) and has done since the first release, I keep forgetting to mention this though :slight_smile: if you wait a minute or so it unfreezes and lets you search for the file content.

AnyDVD (also tested with
CloneDVD Mobile (tested with &

If I only could reproduce this… :frowning:

well james, incl my 3 computers (added today a third) and bob’s above we already have 4 now, so it must be reproducable somehow. i am sure there will be more people added today, and soon we will find out where the problem is.

as my computers are fairly ‘loaded’, my tip would be some interaction with other codecs.

greetings - heinz -

Found it!

I am testing the idea that it is related to the online check for a new update and if I uncheck the box in the preferences for “Auto check for new version” it stops happening. :slight_smile:

Yep reproducable 100%

P.S. James I sent you an email with details for settings necessary to output for SE K750i/W800i Mobile, you read it yet?

That seemed to resolve my problem as well. Is this software meant to work with Windows mobile on a PDA?

yep, unchecking AUTOCHECK stops the (longer than) one minute delay. but: why DOES it take 1min++ to do a checkup on a highspeed line? and it should also give an info about a missing online connection on those computers that are offline for a pupose, not just hang.

but now, even with the movies converted into plain AVIs, why do they not show on my little mobile (MEDION 96000 / MSI MEGA View 566)? it plays every AVI (DivX/Xvid) file i find on the net, it plays all the ones i did with AUTO GORDIAN KNOT and whatever, and it plays NONE of the ones i converted with CDVD MOBILE yet. any resolution i am setting, same no-go.

last question: why did i pay before trying? just because all other SLYSOFT/ELBY products work perfectly?

greetings - heinz -

This is a bug in the Microsoft wininet library. We have a workaround for the next release. It has nothing to do with being offline, and we don’t take 1 minute to check something. We are not that stupid.

>> We are not that stupid

james, i never implied this, or even thought this. i have the higheste regard for SLYSOFT. not only for the progs, but also for the principle and morals that it stands for. but maybe i was a bit frustrated myself …

fact is nevertheless that CDVD MOB takes well over a minute (reproducable) to check for that update (when online!), and checks itself into freezing completely when offline.

greetings - heinz -