Clonedvd mobile new problems

Ok, I started with the audio out of sync problems that everybody else has had with the IPod. I just downloaded the new version of Clone mobile tonight and tried again hoping everything was fixed. So far the sync looks pretty good, but the movie keeps freezing then continuing without audio. The movie plays for about 1-2 minutes with audio, then both audio and video will freeze for about 5 seconds, then only the video will continue. Here’s the weird part. If I fast forward just a little when it returns to regular speed the audio returns, but will freeze again and continue without audio until play is interupted again. Has anybody else had this problem? I looked around in the Ipod for any settings that may be the cause but there are none.

Did you upgrade your pod to firmware 1.1 and do you have a 60gb pod? There is an issue with the new firmware where video lockup when the bitrates of the videos are on the higher side… I read this on other forums and on Apples site.

Could be a CDVDM problem too?