CloneDVD Mobile Lip Sync Issues

I have been using CloneDVD Mobile to rip titles for my Archos AV500 player. Unfortunately, the audio runs ahead of the video by about 1/10th of a second or so. Not the most off it could be, but definitely irritating as the words definitely are NOT matching up with when people talk… or explosions occur.

If there is additional information that I can provide to help troubleshoot this or if others have ideas please let me know.

Typical resolution: 640x360 (for widescreen videos)
Video quality: Maximum (but doesn’t affect lip sync if I run it lower)
Deinterlace video? - no

First thing is install the newest version however there are still issues with audio out of sync. I end up switching between Lenogo/CloneDVDMobile/DVDxSoft/Golfish and others to find one that works for each DVD I have issues with.

I’ve run into that issue with various DivX encoders over the years.

The ‘solutions’ I’ve found is:

  1. if there’s an alternate soundtrack (stereo only) instead of Dolby 5.1, use stereo. Bugsy Malone was the worst–no matter what I did, the Dolby-to-Divx conversion was about 1 second off. When I went to the Alternate Sound (Stereo only) it encoded fine.

  2. When processing the conversion, don’t touch your computer! That should be the only thing it’s doing. Normally I multitask, but when I get problems, I run them before I go to work, network off, ‘shutdown when done’ clicked. That sometimes clears it up as well.

Using those two, I made the problem go away. Hopefully it works for you.