CloneDVD Mobile & LG Cell Phones

I purchased the LG VX 9900 (EnV) and have both AnyDVD and CloneDVD Mobile. Even though my cell phone is not listed specifically as an output option for the video is there a way to transfer DVD video to the phone? I think it supports MPEG4 and 3GPP2 file video formats.

I don’t know if this is protocol, but I thought I would respond to my own question and post this for others in my situation. (i.e., have a smart cell phone that plays video but isn’t listed on the CloneDVD Mobile list of options). First, a caveat, I am by no means an expert in this area. The good news is that my phone (LG enV - VX9900) is the type that can work with mgep4. 3gp, and 3gp2 file formats. Using CloneDVD Mobile I found that all the phone options that fit one of these file formats worked. Yes, they all work. The sound was excellent for each of these phone choices. The problem will be in the video arena. I then analyzed musical clips of jazz artists for their pixelation, synchrony of sound and video, and graphical proportion to reality (anomorphic accuarcy?). I chose to do this comparison with jazz music because it would allow me to analyze the synchrony between sound and image. I found the Samsung 600 model worked best in terms of these parameters. The ideal phone output choice would be the one that matched your phone’s screen resolution (mine is 240x320). None of the current CloneDVD Mobile phone choices comes close to that. Maybe in the future they will offer that for folks like me. Using a card reader I just direct CloneDVD Mobile to send the file to the “Flix” directory of the micro SD card (the card is formated by the phone automatically when you place it in the phone). Place the card with the files on it back in the phone and you are good to go. It is that easy. I hope this helps others. You folks at this site have been so helpful to me I felt I needed to post this and give something back to others here.

Thanks for taking the time to answer your own question. I just ordered the vx9900 and this was the first thing that turned up when I did a search for “vx9900 clonedvd mobile”.

So it’s been several months since your post. Have you found that the Samsung 600 option is still the best? It looks like PSP might be the closest option at 368x208 resolution. How low can you go on the “Video Quality” slider before you have a noticeable diffference? Do you check the “Deinterlace video material” for standard DVD movies? Any other tips?

After getting more accustomed to CloneDVD mobile, I see know that there is an option to change to full screen which allows for 320x240 resolution on several devices. I have found that the iPod at fullscreen will convert to 320x240 in .mp4 format. The “Keitai (Japan)” option will convert to 320x240 in the 3g2 or 3gp formats. Has anyone tried this out? Is there more than two people out there trying to put movies on there phone? :doh:

I would love to try but I just can’t watch a movie on a 2" screen, too old I guess.:doh:

Sure… it’s no surround sound theater, but it’s a fun toy. With CloneDVD Mobile you have the option of putting the entire movie in one file or you can have separate files for each chapter. I couldn’t imagine watching many full-length movies on my phone, but I have found that it’s fun to just put some of the funniest chapters of a movie on the phone.

It’s pretty amazing that a 2gb memory card can hold about 6 full length movies and play then at a decent quality. I was playing some clips for my co-workers today and they were amazed at the quality considering it’s a cell phone.

So for anyone who has this phone and is interested it seems that the best setting in CloneDVD Mobile is the Keiti (Japan) 3g2 option with full screen 320 x 240.