CloneDVD Mobile Key wont work

Have all of slysofts stuff & been waiting on mobile update seems like forever.
Up dated mobile 1120 on both home & work computers. Both times I get the message (Trial period expired) Never had problem with updates on any of the stuff from slysoft. I click on key and it says start mobile. Just says trail expired. Problems like this anyone?

If you have a registration code purchased from Slysoft and it it is giving you errors, you need to email Slysoft support. Only they can help with reg code problems. If you got the code anywhere else (ebay, etc,) Slysoft does not sell thru 3rd parties, you will need to purchase from them direct.

I have all of slysoft & elby programs & sent them an e-mail & they sent my e_mail back to me. I think they didnt respond because I couldnt find my license #. But I coudnt find it because mobile wouldnt load. I didnt save the #'s because I thought that all I needed to save was the Key. I tried to update dvdmobile when it happened.
I did this on my home computer & work computer. Both of them said that 21 day trial had expired. I paid for all programes that slysoft & elby has but key wont work. Now im afraid to update anydvd. Help.

Only Slysoft can help you now, if you bought them all at the same time send them the liscense number for another Slysoft program you bought and maybe they will find your order, that is just my advice, I am not saying they can do this because I really do not know.

you should be able to find your key which you can export from the registry and send to SS for analysis
it is located in registry Hkey local machine
Highlight Hkey local machine
hit ctrl-F to enable search search for SLYSOFT
tick box LOOK AT keys, leave rest unticked
keep hitting F3 till you find the main SLYSOFT key that contains all your SS reg files
export this key to desktop and mail it to SS for analysis

if you have 64bit windows it is located in the the wow64node under Hkey local machine

Ok problem solved. After uninstalling & installing like a zillion times I took a little different approach. Was looking through my emails as I had saved all emails from slysoft, for any thing to do with mobile. I found the email they sent me for downloading the registration key with this # code. I downloaded the key again but this time I didnt put it in download folder, I downloaded to desktop. Opened it & wahla it worked. Dont know if downloading to desktop had anything to do with it or not. Maybe just the key was corrupt. Just kind of strange this happened on my desktop & my laptop at work. Havent tried this on laptop yet to see if it works. Another little note might help someone else. I thought I read somewhere in email from slysoft that the key had to be downloaded in a certain amount of time for it to work. Maybe I got lucky.
Maybe I could have just deleted old key & copied from my backup copy. Dont know. But save your email with this download key code. Might save you a lot of frustration. :bigsmile:

save key to some un-erasable mobile media
ie burn to disk or floppy