CloneDVD mobile future features?



I really like this little program.
Just downloaded yesterday and I’m considering buying it however it should have a few small additions:
a. batch encoding
b. 2 pass encoding DIVX/XVID

Please let me know if there are any plans?
Keep up the great work :clap:



It needs batch encoding, I think the quality you get is pretty amazing considering it’s one pass and the speed. 2 pass I guess could be an option but would kindof defeat the main draw of the program the speed.


2 pass would be a good option

as well as audio quality choice…now is mp3 128 only…good for most cases though


I really like this program too (and I’m registered user) but I need to things:

  1. DivX chapters. I making Tom&Jerry Cartoons for my daughter and I need to make every chapter separate. It’s stupid work (look to p.2). So why no to add automatic DivX chapter creation ?

  2. After p.1 batch conversion is the important thing.


And audio format selection is much important too.