CloneDVD mobile encoding problem

I just purchased CloneDVD mobile along with its companion programs (figured I’d take advantage of the Christmas discount, and avoid the increase in price in january), and am having an unusual problem. I’ve tried it on two seperate videos, from different DVDs… though the problem is more pronounced on one, it does seem to occur on both; so I don’t think it’s limited to a single disc.

The two things I’ve tried it on were both teaser trailers taken off DVDs; one of SW:EPIII, and one for Superman Returns. In both cases, the first couple seconds were cut off (in both cases, this amounts to a few seconds of black before the company logos come up). On the encoded SR teaser (which starts half-way through the WB logo), the video is a bit blocky (kind of like a dirty DVD can look); I didn’t notice the same blockiness on the other video. However, playing them on from that point they both become completely normal.

What’s really odd is that I used the trial of CloneDVD mobile yesterday to convert a music video, and it turned out fine. I’d uninstalled the trial prior to purchasing it today, then reinstalled all four programs.

Since discovering this, I uninstalled all 4 programs and put back only CloneDVD mobile… it still encoded videos with this issue.

So, any thoughts on this? Is it somehow related to the registration, however impossible that seems… reg keys shouldn’t affect functionality, I’d think. Or is it something else entirely?

EDIT: Scratch what I said about that music video yesterday… it was merely difficult to see the missing beginning (it starts with a blank white screen), but it shares the same issue. So at least that makes the problem less complicated.

So… no thoughts on this at all? Nobody else has had this problem?

Not that I have heard of. And I think people would have posted if this were a common issue. Check all your settings and make sure they are correct in AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.:frowning: