CloneDVD Mobile - crash resulting in XP not rebooting

Run XP Home w/ Service pack 2
Vitural CloneDrive -
CloneDVD Mobile beta -

I have a collections if ISO files stored on a hard drive that I would like to convert to run on my Archos AV500. Using Virutal CloneDrive, I mount the ISO, and go through ClonDVD Mobile to create the AVI file.

Twice now during this process, my machine has hung (It has worked a couple of times as well). Upon rebooting after the crash, my machine will no longer boot. It blue screens during the XP boot up. The error goes by too fast and I am not able to see where it is is hanging (it is somewhere after MUP.SYS).

I wasn’t able to determine what was corrupted the first time and had to re-intall XP from scratch (in a new directory). Now that the machine has crashed a second time, I need suggestions as to what the problem might be and/or how to determine what is corrupt in my XP installation so I can fix the problem without re-installing everything another time.

After investigating a little more, I found that the boot sector on the drive had been trashed. Any ideas why this might be happening?