CloneDVD Mobile AVI to PSP conversion? (MP4)

DVD to PSP is great with CloneDVD Mobile.

But I found no way to convert XVID-encoded AVIs to PSP. Any ideas on the best software for this?

have I posted in the wrong sub-forum?

“PSP video 9” claims to be able to convert AVI to PSP, and it’s free! I’ve never done this but might want to at some point so please post results.

Thanks for responding.

Tried PSP Video 9 some time ago. The net-dependent interface alone made me uninstall it within 5 minutes. I severely dislike programs that come across as adware. Unfortunately I can’t use programs like this.
I just found this and hope it will meet my needs (downloading as we speak).

I wasn’t aware of that. Keep us posted on this please. Sorry for the bum steer!

[B]MediaCoder PSP Edition[/B] did the job beautifully (and perfectly). They have other specialized versions for mobile phones, media players, etc. Haven’t tried any of those yet.

[B]xvid-encoded AVI[/B]

[B]MP4 AVC[/B]
I selected 400Kbits/s video quality (which resulted in a 400MBish file and looks fantastic on the PSP’s screen), much like CloneDVD mobile.

I just unchecked [B]transfer files to PSP when done[/B] so I didn’t have to hook up my PSP (wanted to see it first on the PC and manually copy to PSP). Fantastic little app.

[B]pretty comprehensive file support[/B]
The interface is simple and informational enough to have me encoding within 5 mins. It has options for cropping, effects, subtitles… none of that was needed by me. The file input support is pretty comprehensive, including various flavours of MPEG, FLV (youtube vids), audio files including FLAC.

The encode defaults to 800Kbps in the interface, which I find too high; I put it down to 400Kbps.

If you click on the [B]Settings[/B] button on the toolbar, there’s a whole bunch of parameters that can be adjusted to suit your transcode (which open in Firefox, more on this below). I haven’t dared try changing the defaults here yet.

[B]unusual system requirements[/B]
It requires Firefox (not that that is a bad thing entirely, but it adds to the complexity and system requirements of the app).
In [B]Options > Browser Setup [/B]
…it tells you that many of the interface options are XUL-based.

Lucky for me I had Firefox installed. Not sure what happens if you don’t have it.

When you first start it opens up the browser to ‘introduce’ you to the app. It has a button to ‘start using the program’ but it didn’t start prooperly first time for me. That was annoying so I killed it and then started it again, with the web browser opening up again. The app started minimized to an icon next to the clock in Windows. After I killed it, the ‘first start’ nag it didn’t show up again.

This really sounds worse than it is. The program itself (in use) does not seek the web and the interface really is pretty easy to me. Phew.

[B]Firefox not detected?[/B]
On my system, if I go into [B]Options > Browser Setup[/B], it shows that it hasn’t detected Firefox (?) even though it has always executed Firefox fine when first running it and even though this is a bog-standard Vista install with bog-standard Firefox 2.0.16. Hrm.

I can also dig into the program’s detailed settings in Firefox just fine. Heh.

It does let you browse to the Firefox executable to let the program know where it is, tho :slight_smile: I guess I have set-up Firefox as default browser and everything works fine, but for others that might not be the case.

Early bugs with a newish [I]not-yet-1.0[/I] app?

That niggling issue aside, after CloneDVD’s simple interface, I have yet to find one this good for the PSP (for what it does… I don’t think it can do direct DVD to PSP…perhaps unencrypted VOB files… I don’t know yet, I’ll need to play with it more).

[B]Recommended[/B] (so far :slight_smile:

Barring any show-stopping complications, I think I found a great new tool I’ll be using a lot from now on. It worked fine and encoding wasn’t dog-slow or the interface horribly complex like some other apps I tried before trying CloneDVD Mobile.

Thumbs up from me.

Nice review, thanks. How did the output look on the PSP?

[QUOTE=90312;2119390]Nice review, thanks. How did the output look on the PSP?[/QUOTE]

Looked fantastic!
It really is the near-perfect app I was after for the PSP.