CloneDVD mobile & audio sync problem

I have tried converting a few dvds to mp4 using clonedvd mobile The problem I have is that the audio gets out of sync pretty bad. I tried 3 films, The Incredibles, Without a Paddle & Willy Wonka. All 3 did the same thing.

I have Nero Recode and I used recode digital to make mp4s and they are all fine. They take about an hour per film however and Clonedvd mobile only takes 30-35 minutes. I wanted to use clonedvd mobile as it is faster but I cannot figure out the sync problem with it.

Any ideas?

WinXP Pro, AMD Athlon64 3000+, 1.5GB PC3200 ram.

Hi, and welcome to the can’t get the audio to sync club. Are you using IPOD Video? If you haven’t seen this, join us here:

I was originally trying to Do AVC for my Sony PSP, that and the MP4 PSP setting both experienced often severe audio loss of sync. And it seemed pretty Hit and Miss. Some films would convert fine and others be totally out of sync. Even the ones that converted fine seemed off by a split second. I have tried alot of PSP Converting SW so they all pretty much do this. Now I’ve started encoding with Generic Divx to 480x270 and these encodes are rock solid, they look great and never does the Audio Mess up. Of course you have to finagle the PSP in a not so legal sort of way to play them, but I’ve given up on Sony doing anything about this. I probably has to do with the Framerate but I went into the ini of Clone mobile and none of the frame rate adjustments made in difference. It just seems the Ipod and PSP ( I’ve had them both) have inherant problems with .mp4 that just don’t happen with an .avi divx file.


Thanks for the link. I was not doing it for my ipod (originally) but see the problem it may cause for me later. I did a divx avi last night and its fine. I may just use avi but I was trying to keep everything mp4 for uniformity.