CloneDVD Mobile - another audio sync plea



Searched this forum and read everything I could find on this topic. Doesn’t matter what settings I use, CloneDVD Mobile renders a beautiful picture on my Archos 604… that is always out of sync with the audio.

I am in my trial period of this software, also using AnyDVD (which works wonderfully BTW). Before I pony up the $99, is there any hope that this issue can or will be resolved?


I am having the same issue with an AV500 the voice is out of synch, not just on the Archos but also the outputted format on PC, i ran the outputted file on the PC and the voice is out of synch by a fraction of a second, really annoying.
Using the demo for now, i have a clonedvd and anydvd license, but will wait until this is solved to purchase the mobile version.
The movie is War of the Worlds that we purchased.


Concur with the sync issue being present on the PC as well. If there’s no solution, I’ll probably not buy any of it. AnyDVD is working well but the single price is not worth it to me, rather get the bundle if it all worked.


obviously an issue with mencoder, i am confident they will find a fix, they usually do.


I have an Archos AV700, have tried that option and the DivX option but both give the same audio sync delay. I use the latest version on AnyDVD as well. I find that using TMPGEnc with an audio delay of -200ms sorts it but it also doubles the time and means 2 tools need to be used.

What would be fantastic would be for CloneDVD Mobile to have an audiosync option so you can choose the delay yourself.

I’m deffo gonna buy Mobile when this audio sync problem is fixed, well doen Slysoft, v nice piece of software.