CloneDVD Mobile and dvr-ms files

Is it possible to get these supported or even planned?

I use MCE 2005 to record alot of tv shows. I work some really odd hours, if these were supported then it would be possible to load them up and take them.

I’m not sure about CloneDVD Mobile’s current/future support for dvr-ms files, but VideoRedo will allow you to edit and save them as MPEGs. I can highly recommend VideoRedo - I use it a lot for editing and converting the files recorded on my PVR (a Topfield) and burning the MPEG files to a DVD (using TMPGEnc DVD Author).


I will also recommend VideoReDo. I do a LOT of video every day and I can honestly say I’d hate it without VideoReDo. Just convert the dvr-ms file to mpeg like jermware said and you should be good to go.

I downloaded a trial version of VidoeRedo and it didn’t work very well. It worked okay on a few dvr-ms files, but on a lot of them when I started looking at the files to edit it, I got a message that said I had to do a “quickstream fix” or something like that. At that point the program would crash, and I’d have to get all the way out of it.

I had a few e-mail discussions with their support folks, but after a few days they just ignored me.

I liked the way it worked when it worked, but it would crash too often and they didn’t seem too interested in helping me out.

I am trying to make all this happen on a new HP m7250n.

If VideoRedo would work all the time, I’d use it.

I’ve been on their forum a lot lately and unfortunately it would appear that they still have issues with the dvr-ms files. They are working on it, but, at this point it’s still buggy. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted out.

:iagree: dvr-ms converter convert dvr-ms videos

[QUOTE=dvrms;2137498]:iagree: dvr-ms converter convert dvr-ms videos[/QUOTE]

Have to ask please read the posted date is 2006 and OP hasn’t been back.