CloneDVD Mobile and DivX/Xvid



I am trying CloneDVD Mobile and I have a few questions.

Their web page says XviD but I don’t see any “Generic XviD” choice. I do have XviD 1.1.0 installed on my computer.

When I select “Generic DivX” does it use the codec that I already installed (and paid for) on my computer or was a new one installed just for CDvdM? Which DivX codec does it use?

I there anyway to set the audio rate and if the audio is Adjustable on Constant?

What about cropping?

When it does “Generic DivX” does it do a single pass or dual pass?


May CloneDVD mobile questions go unanswered. Like this one.


i don’t use clonemobile but i read in another thread that there is a divX or Xvid not 2 sure if it will work for you.


Gheeez!! you’d think more info would be here… Anyway, I just started using CloneDVD mobile and I believe that it uses the codec that is already installed on your machine unless that happens to be an older codec than what comes with CloneDVDmobile. As far as the XviD choice, I have no clue as I’m currently only using DivX and I don’t remember seeing an XviD choice in the initial menu selection.

As far as the Audio, you might try looking in your control panel for an [B]AC3 Filter[/B] entry. If it exists, just click on it and you should get a fairly extensive configuration panel. If not, try downloading the attached file and installing that. I had some problems with some other converter programs and audio issues so I installed this AC3 filter and adjusted a few things and my problems went away. Don’t know for sure if CloneDVDmobile uses this filter, but it shouldn’t hurt to install the AC3 file to make sure.

Couldn’t upload the file, but you can get it here:


Bounce…Please answer.


I believe it Mencoder for it’s Divx Encodings.


What does that mean? Does that mean it uses the latest version of DivX that is on your computer? It does not give you the chance to select one.


It means it uses this to encoder your video. Not other codecs/converter programs that are on your PC. CloneDVD Mobile is self contained, it doesn’t require anything else to be installed on your system.


So what version of DivX and XviD are “contained”? That is what I have been trying to find out since last March.

Look: if it uses the open source 4.0 version of DivX and some old version of XviD I am not interested.


Find attached the following information provided by Gspot on a video I made using CloneDVD Mobile.


Anyone know what version of XviD, and we can clear this up.

[I would test it myself, but my trial is up.]


No idea, every single test file I’ve ever made has been open DivX 4.