CloneDVD Mobile BETA



CloneDVD mobile beta
Here’s the next beta coming up - sorry for the delay, as you can imagine from the log, it was quite an amount of work to do and a huge amount of bugs in FFMpeg to fix.

The focus is on x.264/AVC profiles. We tested the following devices thoroughly:

  • Sony Playstation Portable
  • Sony Playstation 3
  • XBox 360

Please give us your input to any other devices with x.264 support!

CloneDVD mobile Revision History

Version beta: 2008 09 12

  • new: added MPEG2 re-encode/passthrough profiles
  • change: Framerate setting (NTSCFrameRate/PALFrameRate/…) now
    allow exotic values, like 30 FPS.
  • fix: resync issues with certain long-running movies
  • change: improved x264 encoding quality
  • change: improved handling of stage files (multi-pass encoding)
  • fix: some issues with subtitle decoding
  • fix: some minor issues with SVCD
  • new: x264 featuring patch Psy-RD 0.6 by Jason Garrett-Glaser
  • several minor fixes and improvements…le1502beta.exe