CloneDVD Mobile Released

Version 2008 04 23

[li]new: added multicore support (speed greatly improved for h.264 codec - minor gain in spead with divx)
[/li][li]new: added profiles for VCD/SVCD PAL/NTSC
[/li][li]fix: multipass option failed with some profiles
[/li][li]fix: enabled seperate chapter file option for certain profiles
[/li][li]several minor fixes and improvements
[/li][li]Updated languages[/ul]
[/li]Note: The mencoder binaries used by CloneDVD mobile are licensed
under the GPL and are maintained by the MPlayer team.
A copy of the source code for these binaries can be found here:

mencoder is installed as a standalone application in the “apps”
directory in CloneDVDmobile’s program directory. It can be used
from the command prompt. More information about mencoder can be
found here: