CloneDVD Mobile Released

Version 2007 08 03

  • fix: with some titles (Starwars episodes and others) not all
    subtitles would show
  • fix: A/V sync problem with new AVC PSP/PS3 modes on NTSC content
  • fix: enabled resolutions not divisible by 4 but by 2 for the
    Archos 704 Wifi, to enforce max. resolution of 800x450
    instead of the faulty 800x452
  • new: added generic 3gp with amr narrow band audio for various
    cell phone types
  • new: added generic WMV/WMA support (experimental).
    note that this profile has been tested and proved to be
    working most, but not all the time. Experience reports
    (positive or negative) with different mobile devices using
    WMV are welcome on!
  • several minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages