CloneDVD Mobile Released

CloneDVD mobile

Version 2007 07 31

  • added multipass support for improved quality
  • added new profiles: “Nokia 770”, “Nokia E90”
    “Sony PSP 480x272 (AVC/H264)”
    “Sony PSP 720x480 (AVC/H264)”
    “Sony Playstation 3 (AVC/H264)”
    “Microsoft Zune (MP4)”
    “iubi Blue”
    “Archos 704 WiFi”
  • updated mencoder
  • device list restructured for better readability
  • several minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages
    ! Notes regarding the high resolution PSP profiles (and Playstation 3):
  • The resulting files must be placed in the \VIDEO folder on the
    PSP instead of MP_ROOT…
  • Thumbnail files have the extension .JPG instead of .THM

To download version klick here